May 2020

What To Know About A Dog Hotel

No one in our life cant replaces pet’s place, but in certain situations that set us apart for a while, we have to entrust them to someone, right?

Every dog ​​owner wants to provide the best living conditions for his pet, and how to do that when you are not at home, and to whom to leave the dog? Puparazzi LA offers you a simple solution that will relieve you of all worries, and that is a hotel for dogs.

There are many benefits that dog hotels offer, but before choosing a hotel for a dog, check the quality of its service. A quality dog hotel will provide your dog with all the necessary conditions to make him feel comfortable and safe while he is away from you.

Closed or open accommodation

The accommodation of the hotel where your dog will stay should be similar to the place dog is used to. If it is a dog that spends most of its time in an apartment or house, make sure the hotel has such an accommodation unit, and if your pet likes to spend time outside, make sure the hotel has outdoor accommodation.

Hotel rooms should have enough fresh air and an optimal temperature. In addition to the importance of keeping the space clean and tidy, it is equally important that they have people’s attention and that their needs are met.

Daily activities – walking, playing, and hanging out with other dogs

At the hotel, ask how much time dogs spend outside and how much inside, whether they are alone in the boxes or have company. You also need to know the criteria by which the hotel chooses whether the dogs will share a box or play together outside.

Dogs that show aggressive behavior should be separated from others. Older dogs should be kept close to dogs of a calmer character. Puparazzi LA professional hotel for dogs will make sure that your loved ones spend enough time outside, walking, hanging out, and playing with other dogs.

Quality nutrition and access to freshwater

Dogs should be fed as usual during their stay at the hotel. If your dog is accustomed to a particular diet, ask the hotel staff about the food they offer. Some hotels offer the option to bring special food for your pet. Don’t forget to inquire about providing fresh and clean water for your dog. These are the main things you need to pay attention to when choosing a dog hotel… Read the rest