What Should I Do When Looking To Buy Real Estate Around The World?

If for a moment you thought that the overseas property market was on a downfall, you’re damn wrong. Research indicates that the purchase for prime properties in Europe in on an upward trend. Here are the best places to purchase real estate overseas:

1. France

The perennial favorite amongst investors since the choices here are unlimited. Small houses in Normandy and Brittany are easily accessible. Farm and country houses and villas are also a popular investment especially for retirees. “The picturesque villages in Provence make it one of the most popular regions for real estate purchase in France,” said Marla at Only Provence.

2. Portugal

The euro crisis is yet to dampen the enthusiasm in this country. It is loved by investors who like investing in golf properties. The prices aren’t as cheap as compared to the rest of Europe. The demands remain high in the islands of Madeira. Most homes have been on sale in the recent years because owners are very keen to close deals just in case the economy worsens; you therefore need to be ruthless when doing a negotiation

3. Italy

The country’s economy is in crisis but this hasn’t affected the housing market. This is because the mortgage debt isn’t high; the oversupply of new holiday homes hasn’t been significant also. Values have fallen by 10% since 2008 but the number of sales has fallen by about 20%. This means the sellers are so keen to strike quick deals. People here do not prefer to sell their houses publicly. It’s vital to recruit a buying agent before thinking of striking a deal

4. Caribbean

Even though the demands here have fallen, the region remains favorable amongst wealthy investors. The cheapest place where one can purchase a one bed-room flat is the Barbados; the prices may be as cheap as 125 000 pounds. If you purchase a property here you will be privileged of having Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney and Gary Lineker as your neighbors amongst others